Its been a good 8 years. Some members here have been great over that time, made some really good e-friends who it was good to talk football with.

There is just too much trolling, too much bitching, and not enough activity to care anymore. Site has been in a downward spiral since it was sold. Seems silly to try and grow a site for owners who don't have any interest in it. This site used to thrive, in my experience this is what happens with buy outs though.

Maybe I will see some of you around the internet, I am on quite a bit.

There are some good people around here, had some good times when the site was young and growing. Unfortunately no one has the power any longer to perform routine maintenance and upgrades so the site has slowly just dwindled down.

Feel free to PM me for contact info if you want to stay in touch, I am also in the market for other message boards if you know of any good ones.