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Thread: Steelers Mock

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    1st - WR Kelvin Benjamin FSU or Mike Evans Texas A&M

    2nd - FS Ed Reynolds Stanford

    3rd (COMP) - DE Deandre Coleman California

    4th - OLB Aaron Lynch

    5th - ILB Lamin Barrow LSU

    5th (COMP)- TE Jacob Pederson Wisconsin

    6th - CB Nevin Lawson Utah St

    7th - WR Shaquille Evans UCLA
    It's good to be back!

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    I'll update as well.

    1. Tuitt/Nix
    2. Buccanon-FS WSU
    3. Aaron Colvin-CB OU
    4. Cj fiedorowicz-TE Iowa
    5. Max Bullough-ILB MSU
    6. Cody Hoffman/Dri Archer
    7. Kirby van der kamp-P Guy will be a weapon!

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    1. Dix , safety Alabama

    2. Robinson , wr..PSU
    It's no fun when the rabbit has the gun

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    I think we spend our first 2 picks on D. I like CB in first. No team ever addresses all their needs in 1 draft. Even though there are needs on both sides of the ball, the D is old all over. No matter who we like, there is always going to be that guy who fell to you and you just had to take him, though. If 1 or 2 top 10s fall to us, they may just take that player.

    I love the draft and cant wait to see what happens.

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