I'm more curious in what others think than posting my own... (of course i will)... but what are your top 15 "desires" based on a combination of talent/need. This isn't an overall board, or a based on talent alone board...it's a Steelers centric board, where needs should play a factor (example, you probably wouldn't have any QBs on the board for your 1st round pick, or while I think Mosley is a better talented, CB/WR i find to be a greater need).

So who are the top 15 players you want, in order of preference (yes, many of them will be gone before we pick, and yes, I am assuming we are drafting top 15).

my list right now...

1. Clowney DE
2. Watkins WR
3. Matthews OT
4. Nix NT
5. Barr OLB
6. Kouandjio OT
7. A.Robinson WR
8. I.E-O CB
9. Dennard CB
10. Evans WR
11. Mosley ILB
12. Clinton-Dix FS
13. Verrett CB
14. Lewan OT
15. Erving OT