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Went to a resort in August this year and all the food taste the same, except for Bacon lol. I don't drink alcohol but the wife said everything was watered down. The beach and ocean were great and the weather was gorgeous. I just got the feeling they don't care to much for Americans down there is all.

Next time I do a resort, I will stay here in the states. Go to Florida or something or take a trip out to Cali.
Florida is on our list of trip destination but not until my uncle gives us his RV. Florida is one of our stops on our east coast map. We were going to fly out to the burgh in the fall to avoid winter and catch a game. Looking to spend about three or four days there so places to eat is what we will be looking for. Plus, I haven't been there since 1979-80 to see my uncle so I'm sure there are many places I want to see. I'll be wanting to see any and all historical Steeler places.