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LOL You can come up with such ridiculous examples for every stat ever invented. It only proves that statistical analysis is not perfect, something we all knew. Even a gradeschool knowledge of stats should be able to identify that. Statistical analysis always comes with a "margin of error" and your example just shows that you need an adequate sample size for any assurance of accuracy (4 of 10 is not adequate).

Please stick with Legos because statistics is way over your head.
How about a statistic that contains subjective variables within the formula, whereby 10 people watching a game and attempting to calculate total QBR will quite possibly come up with 10 different numbers notwithstanding mathematical error, which is why ESPN, who created the stat, is one of the only ones to use it.

Stick to thinking you're smarter than others on this board because you've been playing fantasy football for a few years. Also, drop dead.