Not so much the team as its' ownership & management which have overseen the collapse of a once proud franchise: a team that has won just 7 of its' last 20 regular season games and is about to miss out on the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive year.

Fans need to let those who have mis-managed this team into oblivian know that we are mad as hell. That we are sick and tired of watching a team with top 5 QB lose to nobodies like Tyrell Pryor, Matt Cassel, Tannenhill, etc. That we are pissed that we've become the patsies of the AFC North. The Steeler "D" used to inspire fear in opposing QBs. Ain't nobody scared of this group.

The lowly Browns at least put up a fight before they got ripped-off up in Foxboro; the Steelers got their as*es handed to them. Bill Belichick is so vastly superior a coach to Mikey Tomlin that he could probably coach a decent Boston College to victory over us.

I will not be watching this team anymore this year if I can help it. You know, it will be hard given my addiction to Black & Yellow. Or maybe this team is like the train wreck you cannot just keep staring at?