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im not sure about thats really, if spencer works out at the combine and shows us hes worth it, then we should take him, if hes really a good player we should do what we need to get him, just because hes not the biggest name out there doesnt mean hes not worth it. I do think we could get him at 20-25 but....who wants to trade up...and one thing we dont need is extra draft picks unless they are second or third rounders. we dont need 5 or 6 picks between the 6th and 7th rounds because we always end up cutting them anyway.
We usually cut the late picks the last few years since Cowher/Colbert have been tanking the late round picks. I'm hoping with Tomlin aboard that changes and makes all of our draft picks count. I'm the biggest Anthony Spencer supporter on this site and I wouldn't draft him at 15. If Okoye is gone at 15 then I think the Steelers should trade down and draft Anthony Spencer.