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Thread: Report: Roethlisberger's next contract could exceed $20M a year

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    Report: Roethlisberger's next contract could exceed $20M a year

    Quote Originally Posted by TarlsQtr View Post
    Lol please tell me that you can see the difference between a contract that will end when a player is 35 or so and one that will end when he is 41. Claiming that Cano's contract is evidence that salaries are decreasing is about the most absurd thing posted on this website, which is a pretty high bar.

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    Cano signs the largest non Arod contract of all time and NYC is still tryin to find a way to be right about something he knows he was totally wrong about... He quietly disappeared after I posted all those contracts and timelines. Lol
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    Cano is going to average 24 million a season...Only contract I really thought was worse...and that was signed some years back was when the Phillies gave 25 million for Ryan Howard. Who even at that time I knew he was a overweight, and breaking down of a player. His deal is practically Unmoveable.

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    Cheerful I don't know what Seattle is thinking. This move is in no way going to help them. Guess Cano wants to be closer to the football team.
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    Wait....I thought this thread was about BR? I wonder if his name shows up in NBA and MLB forums?!

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