I guess I should have explained that I don't think we need all 9 positions in this draft per say. I just thought I'd write a list of places where I wouldn't mind us drafting in the first round, and in accordance, what need I felt the position had.

Lt is not a playmaker, I agree, but no playmaker in the world is going to make any difference if the QB is on his back for half the game. That said, I agree that Beachum had a very good game against the Ravens, but I'm not at all sold on him as a LT starter for a long while. I'd rather than a dedicated LT.

I agree on most else, aside from the fact that you think guys like Arnfelt and Nick Williams will do anything. Sure, they did well in a preseason game against scrubs, but I don't see them as anything but quality backup (and that may be flattering). Matter of the fact is that Hood likely will be gone, because he is not playing very good football, leaving us with a pretty massive gap there. I like Al Woods a lot and have done so since college, but I'm not sold on him being an everydown lineman. He seems a bit too big for that.