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I really doubt Martin has a gun in his locker. Maybe a purse. And handling things in house has been done since the beginning of sports. I'm not gonna argue with former players because I know they know what goes on in the locker rooms more then we do. And it doesn't have to result in a brawl, but you have to show pride in yourself and that's what they are trying to say. Stand up to bully's is their message because no one is gonna do it for you. Not when it comes to grown men. And they all agree the players at this point would rather have cognito back than Martin. Wonder why.

Martin ?...No. Incognito ?...YES! Like I said, maybe RI threatened with with a gun, maybe he just threatened him verbally and his family. But to just Ignore the LEGAL procedures that the LAW calls to do, and just go mano e mano with said player is just stupid. And it's NOT the lesson we want our kids to learn. And if you think differently...then I feel sorry for your kids. and your kids kids.