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Thread: Tomlin Lacks Emotional Sense of Game

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    Tomlin Lacks Emotional Sense of Game

    Mike Tomlin is a "by the book" sort of coach. This is how he avoids criticism and risk. But he falls short in sensing what a team truly needs at a given time. There are times other than the end of games (when often it's too late) to take risks.Case in point: Fourth-and-one in the Red Zone just before Halftime vs. the Raiders, losing 21-3. Why not try to punch it in for a TD? A field goal before Halftime is hardly a huge morale boost.
    As we all know, the unlikely miss by Suisham ended up being a huge downer. I understand "the book" states that you take the FG in that situation. But the great coaches (like Belichick) understand that at times you throw out the book. Bottom line is that Tomlin doesn't trust this offense to gain a crucial 4th-and-1. Sometimes a coach needs to take a risk in order to instill confidence. The Steelers emotionally needed a TD before Halftime; not another logical lame field goal.
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