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Thread: OMG We Really Stink I Can't Believe

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    Unhappy OMG We Really Stink I Can't Believe

    Wow Yesterdays game was so bad on many levels. But one thing I don't get is why out of 5 guys not one of them can block? I mean are they that slow and weak.. I know Ben is having problem but when you get sacked 4 times and hurry every throw you are going to suck.. and when he did throw we can't catch the damn ball.. Not even a high draft pick will help this team we are going to stink for a long time to come..

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    I think this team will be a stinker for the next 3 years depending on how quickly this young rookie class can turn this team around and Spence gets back to the playing field. If they get rid of Haley, that could help there chances also of turning things around.

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    I'd start by getting new co-ordinators on both sides of the ball next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChucktownSteeler View Post
    I'd start by getting new co-ordinators on both sides of the ball next year.
    You can't mean the great Dick LeBeau?.....That is blasphemous talk around here.....But yea I have been saying since Super Bowl XLIII that LeBeau should have retired....Don't get me wrong I respect the hell out of LeBeau and he is a true legend but man its time for him to go......Sad thing is he really is the only true professional of our three big coaches....Coach Cliche, Haley, and LeBeau.........I'm so sick of Tomlin and really Haley needs to be shot....

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