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Thread: 2014 Mock draft 2.0

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    2014 Mock draft 2.0

    Okay, I know, another Mock draft thread. This is just the latest. Now it doesn't list teams, just the players. And as much as I HOPE we somehow win alot of games in a row coming up, I feel that Tomlin will goall out, but also lose a game here and there that on paper we weren't supposed to lose. Maybe this weekend in Oakland, who knows. But I suspect we will come in at 7-9, even though I am hoping for better. If we win 7 games, that should put us in the draft area of picks 14-16 in all likelyhood. So, according to would you select if we draft say at 15, with the players left on this Mock ?

    BTW...I KNOW who Neilpatrickbanana will say.

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    We have a very fine forum section for draft talk. Please use that next time!
    However much you think you know about football, rest assured that Skip Bayless knows more!

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    I would love to see either

    Nix/Daquan Jones

    The defense starts with 3 dominant down linmen. Our Lbs are set for some years to come, time to give Heyward and McLendon some help this offseason.

    I think the Oline pulls it together by the end of the season to where the Steelers won't have to draft another Olinemen early, that way they can focus on other needs on this team which I think will be

    1. DL
    2. WR
    3. CB
    4. S
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