I get that he wont score TDs in the way Calvin and Fitz do, but he doesnt score TDs the way ward and holmes do either...thats factual.

Percentage wise back with holmes and ward might not have been different but the WRs were scoring TDs.

Ben has one of the best PA fakes ive ever seen, his game is clearly on top when theres a running threat...when theres not, he can PA all he wants the d just goes after him since they can stop the run with clear pass rushing defenses.

Redzone efficiency is a part of scoring TDs, but wallace was TERRIBLE in the redzone and still scored around 10 TDs a year, you want brown to be this complete #1 WR and elite route runner with great speed he should be scoring more than 2-5 TDs a year whether they are passes from inside the 20 or deep passes down the sideline, and broken plays not necessarily a deep ball. he should be able to find the endzone more to get this label as a legit #1

Last year brown had 5, less than all of the obvious huge guys but also less than Hilton, Shorts, Cruz, Cobb, Alexander, Smith, Maclin, Moore, Crabtree, Tate, Austin, and Stevie johnson.....none of which are in the redzone terror Calvin/Fitz/Julio/Green category, but also none who are in the mike wallace down the sideline category either.

Imo he stepped his game up this year so far, but he needs to be better, and he needs to be the complimentary WR to someone.

I know hes pretty much useless and doesnt give a **** anymore, but I miss holmes