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Well, I would say that we have to give them this season before determining our line needs. Adams and Decastro are essentially "rookies" when it comes to playing time. There can be a huge difference between game 1 and game 16 with a young lineman. Unfortunately, it does look like we will need a lot of help despite all of the high draft picks spent on the line. Others probably disagree, but I am more than willing to let Pouncey walk next year. I think he will be asking for more than he is worth and you can usually get decent centers in the 4-5th round.

I think Decastro is solid. What happened to Pouncey was HIS fault. Every expert said so. I think Adams can be a good RIGHT Tackle, but not a LT. Gilbert, I'm trying to give him a break but he looks terrible. He needs to go in all likelyhood.
So at the very LEAST...we need a solid PROVEN LT....and they are not cheap. The dude for Texas AM...Matthews...he looks terrible. Alabama is eating him up. This is his first time ever playing LT, and I KNOW he was rated the best O-Linemen by draft sites...but so far against good, not GREAT D-Linemen...he looks lost.