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It's simple, but true. If you don't get time to execute your offense, then we get what we saw yesterday. When he had/made time, I though Ben looked pretty good yesterday. And I do agree if the M.O. is to get the ball out of his hands quickly and put the speedy guys in space, why go with 3TE sets? That is a head scratcher. All I can say, is the turning point in this game came when Redman fumbled on the 3 yard line. If the Steelers score a TD on that drive, it makes for a whole different game and outcome. But you know what they about "if's and but's". Don't have to run for 140 yards per game, but have to be able to get 3-5 yards per carry and at least have a relevant running game to keep the offense out of 3rd and 9 all day long.
You are exactly right. That WAS the game-changing play. I was at the game and, after that, the dynamic was completely different. If they had scored then, it would have been totally different. And I get the coulda woulda shoulda. The atmosphere was different yesterday in many ways. It was like a pre-season game prior with so many tickets for sale in the parking lot.