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Two stats that Steelers Nation holds very dear, time of possession and yards allowed on defense, are also the two most overrated stats in the NFL.

The Steelers need to stop worrying about how they won 40 years ago. Nobody cares what happened 40 years ago. Hell, nobody even cares what happened 5 years ago. They won with ball control and defense. Okay, but that isn't cutting it anymore. Today, the NFL is about up-tempo high-scoring and pass-heavy games. Having a 100 yard rushing attack isn't important, and really the Steelers are just banging their heads against a brick wall trying to accomplish that anyways.
Nice post...........Under Fuhrer Goodell's NFL defenses can't play defense anyway and really defenses can only hope to get turn overs and that is another problem our defense still struggles to create turn overs.......I have said for years the Steelers are behind the times when it comes to offense in the modern NFL........Adapt or die Steelers...