First off let me start off by saying I don't think anyone should make it because they made it last year. I have named 49 guys here........who do you add or who would you change out from my list?

QB - Ben, Bruce and Landry
RB - Bell, Dwyer, Redman, LSH
FB - Will J
TE - Miller, Paulson, DJ
OL - Pouncey, Gilbert, DeCastro, Adams, Foster, Beachum, Malecki, Toss UP
WR - Brown, Sanders, Cotch, Wheaton, Moye

DL - Keisel, McLendon, Hood, Heyward, Ta'amu, Woods
CB - Ike, Cortez, Gay, Green, Hawthorne
S - Troy, Clark, Golden, Shamarko,
OLB - Jones, Worilds, Woodley, Baxter
ILB - Timmons, Foote, McFadden, K Wilson
ST - Suisham, Butler, Warren

Notable deletions.........Curtis Brown, Sylvester, C Carter