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Thread: Game 2 thoughts

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    Game 2 thoughts

    Nothing much that hasn't been said already.

    Offensive line looks awful, what else is new. Praying that nobody on that starting line gets injured because if we think they're bad now, multiply it by a thousand when the backups needs to start coming in and everybody moves around. Even Pouncey was getting knocked around tonight.

    Ben looks like how Ben usually looks. Makes some terrible plays, then comes back and makes an amazing play. Not much of a surprise there.

    Speaking of Ben's terrible plays, I can not take another lopsided year in turnovers. Offense needs to stop putting the ball on the ground (or into the hands of defensive players) and the defense needs to start making some things happen. At least get into the plus column for turnovers this year, boys..

    Sanders looked pretty sharp. Excited to see what he brings to the team as he moves up in the roster this year. I've been waiting for him to get more involved in the offense, and think this year he'll capitalize on the chance he's been given.

    Secondary..... yeah. We'll see how that goes.

    As far as the running game goes, I was not too impressed with Bell tonight. I know we didn't get to see much of him but I'm personally a Dwyer fan. Hopefully Bell is alright though and we'll get to see a little more out of him before the season starts.

    Uhh...I'm sure there's much more but that's all I can come up with right now. Gotta go watch the Buccos

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    Wheaton looked good and so did Shamarko Thomas and Jones made another splash play on defense, but the OL was horrific.
    The Buccos need to watch over their shoulders at the Diamondbacks, who just might catch them for the final playoff spot.

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    Offensive line, as usual was horrible. Thomas is a monster and Jones needs to get more pressure on the QB. Hood is still a no show which isn't a surprise and William Gay reminded us tonight as of why he was let go a couple years ago. Didn't seem like Haley tried to get Ben into a rhythm probably due to see what he had in Bell come game time. But, Ben needs to get into a game day rhythm when the season starts. I know it is preseason, but, the offense was down right pathetic again in this one. Wheaton looked good also along with Moye.

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    This is and has been a declining disciplined team for 3 years now, and it all starts with the head coach, the head coach the head coach, period, that is a big part of Pittsburgh's problem, there is no rhythm, in the offense at all, and you can trace that back to last year. Better get ready for a rebuilding year, because we definitely haven't reloaded.

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    perhaps a top 10 pick in next years draft is highly likely

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    Offensive line looks awful, what else is new.
    The offensive line coach and the blocking schemes.
    Six Lombardi Trophies: Not coming soon to a city near you.

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    we look like were headed for a sub .500 season :/
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    Oline looks to be the worst in the league. Couldn't push ****, protect or block anything. No way does ben play all 16 games. This team looks bad on offense. Jarvis and shamarco look as good as advertised. Bell looks like he's running with fear and now he's hurt. Freaking great.....sigh
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    Ben I think is on drugs... He did say they are not showing any real offense to the reporter.. no kidding.

    Gay was standing at the TD scene again...

    Whimper, Milwacki need to leave Tuesday. Zero answer there..

    Where was Howling??

    Shamarko was awesome, Jones played nice, Dwyer is the RB or Backup??, Batch is worth something, Wheaton is a rookie starter awesome, Arnfelt (69) does he stay, he mauls the OL... Landry Jones is not comfortable, he may surprise later on.

    Did I say Shamarko...

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    I usually don't worry much during preseason. But, this is really bad. I mentioned in last night's game threads the problems are not an issue of just drop passes, or missing a route. These problems are more than that, and they are many:

    - Penalties. need first down taken away, no problem. Need to get out of the other teams' red zone - backwards, no problem.
    - Turnovers - here is a few. We will take some from you too, not many, but don't worry, we won't do anything with it.
    - Injuries - bad luck? Poor execution? Bad communication? Who knows, they keep piling up.
    - Need some special teams plays, forget about it.
    - Do you need to get through into the backfield to stop a run or cream the QB? Let me get out of your way.
    - Yeah, we are going to own you on the clock. And we are going to score 3 points just about every third of fourth drive.

    The first two drives were comical. Sacks, injuries, penalties, etc. It was sloppy, undisciplined, and embarrassing. Preseason or not, that was horrible football. And these are all problems anyone of us could have predicted, and yet they manifest themsleves worse than ever. They can only get better. Gradkowski hit the ref with the football - only the Steelers can do that. Yes, I am pessimistic at this point. I hope they improve. If not, they are going to get slaughtered every game.

    On a positive note, the LB looked pretty good. Despite the OL, the running game seems to work, and I don't think the Steelers wasted any time outs or mismanaged the clock.

    Here is hoping to some improvement for the last game.

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