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Thread: Anyone else feel confident in the young WRs??

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeSteelerFan View Post
    Agree on this 6 .... However I see Wheaton over-taking Cotchery's #3 spot before week 6.

    Brown, Sanders, Wheaton could develop over the next few years to be a lethal trio
    I am not predicting it by any means but I am starting to think that if Wheaton continues his great play throughout the preseason, Cotch may not make the team because he does not play ST and I do not see us carrying 6 WR.

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    Cotchery will definitely make the team

    Cotchery and Wheaton can both be considered the #3, they will both get snaps in the slot. It will be situational and package based.
    It's good to be back!

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    Cotchery will make the team no doubt, We need a guy like him for the big division games on some plays. Not saying he is an every down receiver, but I look for him in the redzone area more also.

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    The WRs are a good bunch, but I'll reserve judgement until I see them play. With the injuries to the TEs, the WRs are going to have to pick up the slack big time.

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    I watched the Steelers practice last week and Wheaton was sensational hooking up with Ben for 3 long TD passes,including a 60 yd bomb that he caught in stride and no one could catch him. I was impressed too that well after practice was over and the rest of the team had already left the field and had showered, Wheaton was still on the field running patterns and having Landry Jones throw passes to him.

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