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Thread: Final Wide Receiver Spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelcityman73 View Post
    Brown, Sanders, Wheaton, Brown, Wood. The best five.
    Not gonna happen. I'd also love to hear your reasoning behind saying Brown and Woods are better than JC. Not saying they can't/won't be better, but you have nothing to base that on.

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    Cotchery 31, signed through 2014 salary 1500,000
    J Brown 22, signed through 2017 salary 566,018
    J Woods 23, signed through 2016 salary 495,833
    I think we should keep six wr, if we loose both Cotchery and
    Sanders next year they'll already be effectively replaced. Both the young fellows can play
    special teams. Brown is decent at punt returns and Woods can do kick return duties. I would not put
    Woods on practice squad he will be taken. We have three more preseason games, if they are nearly as effective
    as they were the first game, cost, demand, and salary cap demands, we need to find a way to keep both guys.

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