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Thread: Why is Bettis not in the hof?

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    We're going to have to start our own wing in the
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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    I would guess that its the old "too many Steelers" in there now thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    He isnt first ballot material at all...probably a HOFer someday but hes not like the best back of his generation or anything
    His first year of eligibility was two years ago. And he definitely should have gone in over Sapp, who went in on his first ballot. First ballot inductions to the Hall of Fame for DTs sould be reserved for the likes of Joe Greene, Alan Page and Bob Lilly, and the dope-smoking lardass couldn't carry any of their jocks.

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    Bettis isn't first ballot . I do think that there is something to the too many Steelers thing because L.C Greenwood has 4 ring and was part of one of the most dominate d-lines in history so if culp got in Greenwood should be in already .Plus i thing fatso (SAPP ) WAS BODERLINE FIRST Ballot .

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    I don't think Hines will get in right away also, thats just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelchamp204 View Post
    I don't think Hines will get in right away also, thats just me.
    He won't. He might get in eventually.
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    Bettis will get in, but it may take a little while. Bettis typified STEELERS FOOTBALL. A big bruising back that was also blessed with soft hands, nimble feet, and shifty moves not intended for someone of his size.

    Bettis will get in not just for what he accomplished in the NFL statistically, but because of the intrinsic values of leadership, character, and being the face of such a historic franchise.

    Getting Bussy back to Detroit to play his final game in the Super Bowl is a fairy tale story-line. Even better was the fact that Ben Roeth had to convince him to come back to play another year by "guaranteeing" him that they would be going to the dance.

    Stories like that will forever live in the lore of football.
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