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Thread: Who Do you think is gonna be a bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelerlyn View Post
    Last week there was a show on displaying all the qbs and their art, etc who are up for the draft. Drew Henson of Michigan State beat BQ out. Quinn is #1 in the draft for QBs and Henson is he is not that damn good. I predict he will be another good college player and a bust in the NFL.
    Do you mean Drew Stanton? Drew Henson already has flamed out of the NFL and he went to Michigan.

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    Betcha BQ ends up in Cleveland!

    Quote Originally Posted by K-Train View Post
    Notre dames defense and oline sucks....i think quinn is every bit as good as leinart to be honest, i think he'll be a good pro unless he winds up in a QB hell like detroit or cleveland. Hes a better player than you guys give him credit for.
    If the Raiders end up taking Jemarcus Russell I think Brady Quinn ends up a Brownie! So we will get to torment him twice a year! He will also get to face the Ravens D twice a year! Thats bad for Brady!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelerlyn View Post
    BQ is not that much, he will be drafted to sit on someones bench. The first time he actually plays in a NFL game (I don't seee that happening) he will be creamed
    Sounds liek we have a ND hater on our

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