In the wake of Prosdo's thread about Seau signing with yet another team it brings up the question, what do you think about veteran players who are definately in the twilight of their career just continue to sign 1 and 2 year deals with just about any team that will take them that's atleast a semi contender?

The average person will never know what it's like to play in the NFL or professional sports in general but we've heard retired players talk about how hard it is to walk away from the game that they've spend their whole life playing. How hard it is to give up the competitive need their personality craves, the team atmosphere, the excitement, the fans, and everything that makes the NFL so great. Brett Farve is a good example of this too as he decided to come back for yet another season w/ the Pack.

So do you think they can hang on too long? Does it tarnish their legacy as a player to keep playing long after their best days are behind them?