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I'm not saying Willie will go down with injury. But you never know. I wouldn't want Dookie as the main RB if Parker went down. I agree Oline is a bigger need but just saying if no Olineman is there from a value stand point and if a RB like Michael Bush is there then it would be wise from a value stand point to draft Bush.

I guess if all the worthy Olineman that are valued at 1st or 2nd picks are all gone by the time the Steelers draft in the 2nd round then the Steelers should reach a take a guy valued as a 3rd rounder or lower. Yea makes perfect ****ing sense.

Yea undrafted free agents like Willie Parker grow on trees to.

On a final note not once did I say RB was a bigger need the offensive line. Just trying to look at the value side of the draft and making conversation. But I'm flawed in my thinking.lol Jesus ****ing Christ
Hey no reason to get butt-hurt, my opinion is diff than yours. We need to get O-line help, I think we need 1st round O-line help. I also have a sneaking suspicion we are going to have a bit of a hybrid defense. If we address our needs, then sure take a RB, I can admit when I am wrong. I was honestly just not readin your arguement the right way. Like I said, its not that we shouldnt take someone to push Dookie, I just don't think we can get anyone who is going to be that much better than him.