Ok so, the Next up........the Draft. Who do you guys think we will get in the first round? I'd like the Steelers to draft a CB in the first round like Leon Hall from Michigan or Darrelle Revis from Pitt. I think even though we have 3 very young, pretty good corners, we still need to build that position because Ike had some shakey, if not, terrible moments/games this year. Bryant McFadden came on REALLY strong this year. I like this kid. He will be our best DB in the future. Ricardo Colclough is shakey. HE muffed a punt early (DUMBASS!) in the season, and didn't really show anything impressive. So I'd take Hall or Revis. I'd also take Paul Posluszny. I think Joey is losing steps every year. Plus his contract is up in 2008. :