In honor of the great Super Bowl Sig Battle we are going to have a monthly Sig Battle of the Boards. The first day of every month will be the deciding battle. We will post a poll that will have 3 or more ideas for that month and after one day of voting the highest voted will be the sig design for that month. Ties will be broken by the TSZ Staff. You will have until 7 days are left in the month to submit your sig of the chosen topic. On the seventh day I will post a thread of all the sigs at each board the voting will only take place at TSZ and will last for 7 days. The winner will recieve advertising on the main home page of the sports zone.

The First Months sig topic will be "The NBA Allstar Game" and will be due February 22, 2007 pm your sig to me either here or at The Sports Zone. There are no requirements for what will be in the sig it just has to be regarding the All Star Game.

Sig Guidelines

1. No Animated Sigs
2. No repping your board in the sig
3. No designers name in the sig
4. Sig must be 450w X 140h - no exceptions