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Thread: Bill's daughter Lindsay: It's really nice having him home for good..

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    Bill's daughter Lindsay: It's really nice having him home for good..

    Channel 11 Gets Cozy With Cowher Family
    Rick Earle, Target 11 Investigator

    PITTSBURGH -- It's been a month since Steelers coach Bill Cowher retired. He now makes his home in Raleigh, N.C.

    That's where Channel 11 news reporter Rick Earle caught up with his family and got an inside look into his new home and his life after football.

    Earle talked to Cowher's youngest daughter Lindsay about her dad. She said, "Everyone's like, 'Oh my god. Your dad must be so scary,’ and I just start laughing and say, 'You're joking, right?' He's one of the funniest. He's so friendly."

    She said, "It's really nice. It’s really nice just to have him home for good."

    The youngest Cowher daughter said her dad has transformed from that fiery sideline leader of the Pittsburgh Steelers to friendly father, at ease watching his daughter play basketball at Ravenscroft school in Raleigh.

    Now it's mom they have to worry about.

    Lindsay Cowher said, "He has to calm my mom down. My mom, it's like role reversal. He's like, 'Honey. Honey, it's fine.' You'll hear her stand up and he's like, 'Sit down.'"

    Lindsay Cowher is a sophomore and the team's leading scorer.

    For the first time in Lindsay Cowher's life, her dad doesn't have to worry about football.

    Earle asked her, "What does he do with all of his free time."

    She said, "He'll come in play my guitar and like sing and I'm like, 'Oh, gosh it's 6 a.m.' I like him being around high school. It's a lot different. Having a mom and a dad. It really does make an impact."

    The Cowhers now call Raleigh their home. Their house is a $2 million mansion in an exclusive community in North Raleigh.

    Lindsay Cowher said, "I like my new house. It's hard. It's a lot different from my old house sometimes I walk the wrong way and I'm like what am I doing." One of the reasons the Cowher's decided to return to Raleigh is North Carolina State University.

    That is were Bill and Kaye Cowher met. Bill played football and Kaye was on the basketball team.

    Dave Horning played with Cowher at N.C. State. He's now an associate athletic director at the university.

    Horning said, "I think Bill is going to take care of his family and that comes first for him."

    While Bill Cowher is out of the limelight he's not exactly in the shadows.

    Athletic director at Ravenscroft school, Ned Gonet, said most people respect his privacy. "From what I can see and the little I have talked to him, he seems to have a great sense of relaxation about him."

    A sense of relaxation for now, but how long will that last?

    Bill Cowher's daughter said, "If he decides to go back after I graduate that's cool.”

    When Earle asked Bill Cowher how he liked retirement his wife immediately spoke up. She said, "Is that what you call it?"
    If Bill does come out of retirement earlier than expected, it will be because Kay is driving him nuts

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    Or Bill is driving her nuts
    I know that when I don't go to work my wife tells me that i mess up her and kids routine in the mornings. I can just imagaine how Bills wife has got to readjust to having Bill around all the time after 15 yrs of the same schedule
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    Who cares about Bill? He quit on the Steelers IMO.

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    his daughters my age...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friday133 View Post
    Who cares about Bill? He quit on the Steelers IMO.
    agreed....retiring is one thing, but the coaching performance he put in this past year is inexcuseable.

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    I don't get why this is so special. Cowher's kids aren't the only ones that have a dad who goes to work and thus isn't home 24/7. IMO it would be wierd waking up and having your dad there playing guitar and singing. Who cares if he gets to spend all day with his kids? Not many other dads get that opportunity. And why couldn't he spend time with them in Pittsburgh?
    Who Ride?! WE RIDE!!! Long live the Boot!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    i think we should make willie parker eat lots and lots of cake so we have a power running game

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    My friends sister is friends with Bill Daughters they went to the same Bball camps and my friends family got to have dinner with the Cowhers

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    I'm happy for Lindsay, but I always put the Steelers before my family.

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    yup, who cares, he is no longer a steeler, this belongs in the nfl section lol...... plus the quitter will be with a new team in 08, he don't really care about his kids he just wants more money
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    I can just picture Bill in front of Linday's bed at 6am with guitar in hand.

    Bill plays and sings the Snickers Candy bar song:"Happy peanuts soar over chocolate covered mountain tops and waterfalls of caramel"...........

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