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Thread: Arians warms to task in a hurry

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    y'all should not compare the arians that was with the browns and the one we have lol, totally different situations...... he'll be better here cause he has talent to work with now.....
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    Good article about Ben, Arians, and the offense...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
    y'all should not compare the arians that was with the browns s...... he'll be better here cause he has talent to work with now.....
    That statement reminds me of the America's Game I watched, and a statement by Mike Ditka. He was talking about how he and Buddy Ryan together were a formidable team--seperately, they basically did nothing. And as much as you might not like Cleveland he stunk, at NE, he's great. So alllll that to say that it's quite possible Arians will do better for us than he did for the Browns. I sure hope he does! lol

    I like the idea of four WRs on the field sometimes--it would sure keep a defense guessin on just which of our recievers to cover and who to cover them with! Sounds quite interesting to me...

    We need things shaken up--last year was quite predictable, and that's not a good thing--too many teams have watched films on us to keep doin the same old, same old. Fresh minds, fresh ideas, fresh plays!
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