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Thread: I don't like Prince but.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelersfan View Post
    Well if we say they should then they should!

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    I don't and never have liked Prince but I thought he did ok. Billy Joel on the other hand I thought stunk up the National Anthem. He was all over the place!

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    Prince.....................where do I start. He began his show by using Queen's we will rock you. Then had marching band help in his second song, Stole the Foo Fighter's Best of You. And what is with his "signature guitar" and that curtain thing? In my opinion this one was not that good. It is on the same level as the Stones last year but better than McCartny. I think the NFL needs to bring back U2!! U2's show in 2002 was unreal and very powerful.

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    they should have used the halftime show at the MNF game in New Orleans for this

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