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Well I don't think the Steelers rely on the run but they still are a running team. You are totally right the run relies on the pass. But you can turn that around and say the pass relies on the run also. Well at least thats my thinking. Basically teams need balance on offense in today's NFL. The days of a team just being a threat in the running game are over. You need a QB that is going to make plays and strike some kind of fear into a defense. Our man Big Ben has shown that. Unlike the many previous QB's that came before him under Bill Cowher.
I wouldn't say that the passing game relies on the run game at all. In the 3 games Ben Roethlisberger started and Willie Parker rushed for less than a 3 yard average, the Steelers won all three. In those games, Ben had passer ratings of 105.4, 148.7, and 124.9. He averaged 236 yards in those games, and threw 6 touchdowns versus zero interceptions. I agree that teams need balance, and that is something that the Steelers do a good job of having, but I would not claim that the passing game relies on the running game.