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Thread: How does Tagliabue not get in to HOF ?

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    The HOF Committee probably consists of the same idiots who voted for the Superbowl Teams on America's Game.

    I'd like to hear the reasoning for not voting in Paul Tagliabue. I believe he helped the expansion of NFL Europe not to mention growing revenue for the league with the DirecTV availability and the satellite radio package that's exclusive to Sirius Radio.
    He picked up where Pete Rozelle left off and kept the ball rolling.

    Ray Guy not getting in is total garbage.
    He should do like Harry Carson did when he kept getting passed over and write to the HOF Committee and request that his name be permanently be removed from future HOF ballots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post

    That link talks about the other players that got in; but how in the world does a Commissioner who followed in the footsteps of the great Pete Rozelle not get in on the first ballot in the wake of so much that's done for the league ????
    That Puzzles me to. Tagliabue should get in NEXT YEAR!

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