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Thread: Super Bowl lacks luster without Steelers

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    Playoffs for the Stillers next year .... bet it.

    Although the SB hype might be a snooze this year because we're nowhere to be found, the hiring of a new coach with many new coaches gives me reason to be extremely excited about next season.

    The draft will be a good indication how how this new ragime thinks.

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    It can happen!

    Like your hopes but won't happen
    I seem to recall a team a few years back who won the Superbowl with a first year coach.........Tampa Bay........Jon Gruden! Ring a bell? We are a team who is 1 year removed from a SB with many of the pieces still in place. We have a good draft position that will enable us to strengthen our weaknesses and we have a new coach who will bring new intensity and passion to our team! New England missed the playoffs after their first win as well and returned the year after to win another! Don't know how you can write us off before the season even begins! Talk about being a pessimist! Blitzburgh Nation.........Im with you, I like our chances!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneSteelSoldier View Post
    I actually think it's a great match up. On the other hand if the Patriots had gotten there, it would have been the first Super Bowl that I would have missed volintarily. I couldn't handle another 3 point Patriot win.

    The Patriots are the gayest team in the NFL in the Super Bowl. Their whole game plan rests on the final minutes of the game and a 3 point win. I love the match up this year. Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are two respectable head coaches with great resumes. I like the fact that the Colts have strong ties to the Steelers. Dungy, of course was a pretty good nicle back in his playing days under Chuck Noll and he also became Noll's defensive coordinador in......i want to say 85. Also Tom Moore, Colts offensive coordinator- was Nolls coordinator in those 4 Super Bowls, so Go Colts.

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    It may lack the luster. without the steelers but remember where ever the steelers go they leave a marking and superbowl 41 has its marking from the steelers. as does the other even if we havent been there .. The steelers are in the are in the beer everwhere u look there are steelers.

    But I Want the colts to win. for the simple fact they gave credit to the steelers for thier cover 2 defence and for that takes alot of nuts. I mean just to come out and give credit to a different team. is just BIG lol but GOOOOOOOOOOO COLTS

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