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Thread: Not Surprised.......Pouncey Brothers

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    I wouldn't be surprised if they became "Room Mates" again someday.......You know....Birds of a Feather and all.......

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    Since they are not only represent themselves and their own personal opinions, but also are representing their respective teams, I believe their employers have a "right" to get upset about it. Sure we all have free speech in this country, but some of us are more visible and more open to scrutiny. It goes with the territory. Nobody could care less whether I endorse a product or service, but, in the same vein, I can say all I want about the Hernandez case and nobody cares either. Not true with these guys. There are a couple of other issues here, as well. One - I support my friends when they have a bad time -- I believe in loyalty as a virtue. It doesn't cover supporting murder, execution-style. Second - I think they should be doing whatever they can to distance themselves from this Hernandez deal considering they have been mentioned in one of the UF episodes.
    All this being said, Maurkice's wearing this stupid hat is not my main concern. I am more concerned with how Maurkice plays this coming season and whether he can stay healthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlatsSteeler View Post
    I wouldn't be surprised if they became "Room Mates" again someday.......You know....Birds of a Feather and all.......
    That is not really fair. I have had a friend who did things I never knew he were capable of (put a hit out on his ex-wife) and disgusted me. Granted, I did not wear a hat in his support but comparing the Pounceys to Hernandez is not a worthwhile endeavor at this point.

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    As long as they don't have BLOOD in red, tattoed on them were gold....

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