He is getting a lot of love here... I heard it was started by 32 and it looks like it spread. He obviously had good stats and was first team All-Big Ten, but do you guys think Tomlin will select a player better suited for a 3-4 when it seems he may want to morph into a 4-3 over time.

All the hype had me wondering so I watched the Penn State/Purdue game from last season I have saved on my DVR. I only watched when Purdue was on defense and I watched Spencer every snap... I know it's just one game, but here is my take.

I was impressed by Spencer... he went against Levi Brown pretty much all day. I thought Levi did a good job agaist him, but Spencer made some plays too. He had a few tackles, pressured the quarterback a few times, got Levi Brown to false start twice, tipped a pass at the line, almost caused a fumble on a near sack, and had two nice stops on short yardage.

Strengths: Very athletic, aggressive, accelerates well, finishes tackles, comfortable in space, very good in short yardage, makes plays in pursuit and away from the line of scrimmage.

Weaknesses: Does not transition into secondary pass rush moves, volnerable to mis-direction plays and can get caught over-pursuing, needs to maintain his line to the quarterback easily chipped or knocked off, and he often slows down before the whistle.

Bottom Line: What he does well... he does very well.