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Thread: Off-topic - family vacation questions

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    Off-topic - family vacation questions

    Hey all,

    It's been a while since I posted, but wanted some information...

    My family and I re going on a road trip this summer. First stop is Pittsburgh for a Pirates game, second stop is in Canton Ohio for the Pro Football HOF, after that we're heading to Niagara Falls, then back home...

    My question is... We plan on being at the HOF on enshrinement day, but just to go through the museum, we don't plan to stay for the actual ceremony only due to the fact that our young children would never sit through it. Has anyone ever been? Has anyone been during enshrinement day or weekend? Does anyone know of a hotel to stay in between Pittsburgh and Canton?

    My wife and I have been to Pittsburgh a bunch for Steeler events, but never for a Pirates game.

    Any advice for any leg of the trip would be nice!

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    I went to the HOF parade many years back. It was OK, but I wasn't overly impressed. The Hall itself is nice for a one-time visit, but unless a Steeler was being enshrined I probably wouldn't sit through the enshrinement ceremonies either. Weather can be brutally hot this time of year in Ohio, although I hear they are getting ther share of rain.

    I would recommend researching hotels carefully and stay at a nationally name such as Hilton, Marriott, etc. Be careful in this area, there are rough sections.

    Hope this helps,


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