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Well the team needs a solid OL that can actually open running lanes and a RB worth a crap to have a running game.....If the OL can actually stay healthy for a change then the Steelers could have a very good OL but I'm not holding my breath......The depth at OT is scary bad........I understand the excitement about Bell and he seems to be a good kid but still he has to prove it first.........So basically this team is far from just pounding the ball all game long especially if you're expecting the running game from the 90s or 04-05..........lol
I hear ya. I too would love to shore up that OT position. But the freakish rash of injuries that obliterated the entire O-line can't continually be focused on or counted on to continue. I'm looking for them to make another addition to the depth of the O-line. And if you go look at Bell's college tape, the guy is an ultimate beast....he faced 8 man, 9 man boxes and still succeeded. But the way that Ben moves the ball in the air, Bell won't see nearly as many safeties coming down in the box on him. Bell IS a top 10 running back provided the O-line stays somewhat intact.