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Thread: The Steelers and Ike Taylor

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    The Steelers and Ike Taylor

    I know, many Steelers fan are planning for the day (next year) until Ike is let go; But after seeing the video on Steelers home page, Unless Ike start have serious injuries, or his plan slip, the Steelers will resign him. And if C. Allen plays up to his potential, Allen will be the highest paid CB and Taylor will be on this team until, a few more year.

    Taylor keeps himself in great shape, and Mr. Rooney looks at him as a son. This is a win/win for the Steelers and the Taylor.

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    Re: The Steelers and Ike Taylor

    Ike Taylors cap hit next year is over 10 million. That is what a CB who was franchised would have got this year. He is going to need to have the best year of his career to keep that money. Otherwise, he will be no different than James Harrison was this year, take a paycut or be released.

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    It is just about the MONEY.....It is just a Business......Hell I fired my son once just because he wanted more $$$$$ to cut the grass.......Neighbor kid did it for less.....then my son fired him and took the pay cut.......Just Business.......

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