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Thread: Shamarko Thomas fulfilling goal as the "chosen one"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TarlsQtr View Post
    I would say Thomas is a better pick than Jones, if only because of value. Anyone should be able to hit a good one in the first round and Jones will be. I am not nominating Shamarko for the HOF or anything but he should be AT LEAST an above average safety in this league. To get such talent in the 4th is how SB teams are made.

    And his work ethic will be contagious.
    Jones is a better pick, shamarko was tremendous value but imo jones had top 5 talent, getting a top 5 at 17>>>>getting a 2nd or 3rd round talent in 4.

    Im a huge shamarko fan, i was calling for him in the 3rd for sure....made me so happy when they traded up to snag him (traded a future pick nonetheless, which is NEVER dont by the steelers), but jones is a much better player and much more vital to the team that he lives up to expectations, we have high expectations for thomas, but if thomas flops we can chalk that up as "well, he was just a 4th rounder" having first round players flop is devastating to a team, see: Hood, Evander
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