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Thread: Worilds and Jones ?

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    Worilds is simply keeping the seat warm for Jones. If Jones isn't starting by mid-season (or earlier) I would be surprised.

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    Id be surprised if jones got even 1 start

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    Woodley has a hammy and woirlds has a glass shoulder right?.. Jones will start this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Agreed on all counts. Every year is Worilds "breakout year" and he never delivers. He had every opportunity last year and was still garbage. A few gimme, unblocked, "run straight at the QB" sacks and all of a sudden he's better than Woodley. Give me a break.
    You just described big LaMarr.

    I always though Woodley was overrated. I don't think he's good by any means. Same goes for Worilds.

    I'm all for Jones though.

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