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Thread: Hines Ward vs. Michael Irvin

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    I agree, HInes will definately be a HOFer no matter what. One thing that bothered me was I can understand not going to Pro Bowl this year but last year he didn't even go. I thought he did great statistically last year, he was a SB MVP why not a Pro Bowler! I think he was surprised as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLITZBURGH NATION View Post
    Problem with HOF is they've got wrong people voting !
    They need to put X players in there to vote !
    If anyone has gotten the shaft over the years it's been Ray Guy !
    OK, Ray Guy kicked a football. He does not deserve to be in the HOF, for kicking a damn football. If anyone got the shaft, its Art Monk.

    Anyways, what I was saying in this thread was that the whole Irvin induction opens the door to a lot of WR with mediocre numbers. IMO Hines doesn't have HOF numbers, and he probably won't. He isnt in the top 30 all time in catches (at least I dont think he is, I am probably wrong). Irvin getting in not only opens the door to Hines possibly, but Keenan Mcardell, Issac Bruce, Tory Holt, CJ, Steve Smith, and several others, WR is going to end up overpopulated in the Hall if you ask me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
    why??? he was a big part of what the stupid cowboys did a long time ago.....if smith and troy deserve in, why shouldn't he???
    Emmit is the all-time leading rusher, so thats a no-brainer. Troy is a QB of a 3 time SB champ, and I believe he took home at least one SB MVP, he is also in the top 20 in Pass completions and passing yards all time. Irvin is in just b/c he was part of the "Big 3" even though he was the least productive member.
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