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You have to factor in durability when you say "best young QB". And he won't last..not at the rate he's going. Now maybe your right in that they need to make him play like Rodgers but we don't know that right now and that's a hypothetical right now. Can't get around the "durability" issue dude.
Hes had one injury, sure looking back he probably should have tried to play through it but i doubt that hinders him at all this season. Hopefully they expose him to less hits, they sold their souls to get him so they should think about protecting him. They lost some heart breakers last year in the first half of the season, but they were very much a contending team because of him.

I remember saying how the colts and skins would be in the playoff hunt with their new QBs, a QB goes a long way in turning a basement dweller into a contender...thats what luck and RG3 both did