So in evaluating Landry Jones there is many things to look at. I completely despised him as a first round candidate his freshman year. I did not like Bradford at all and i thought Jones would be another highly productive player in that offense but never really the world beating prospect that their stats would indicate.

Hes a big guy at 6-4 230, he has a strong arm, good accuracy, and good pocket presence. Whats the problem then? Why was he a 4th rounder and not a first or second? Well, his tape last year was tape of a coaching staff and a team that got too comfortable. Also, he was pulled in the redzone a lot in favor of Blake Bell, a guy who scored 20+ rushing TDs for them over the last 2 seasons. But when you watch jones as a junior you see a good QB. He is better than Tyler Wilson or Ryan Nassib imo, and to think of some of the guys to go earlier in the draft over the years hes MUCH better as a prospect than Kevin Kolb, Drew Stanton, or Trent Edwards were...and they were all 2nd and 3rd rounders. But for whatever reason QBs dropped a lot this year.

As far as what to expect, we can expect him to sit on the bench this season. He will be in a battle with Bruce Gradkowski, but they way i see it is if ben gets hurt for a game we'll see bruce. If ben gets hurt for 5+ games we'll probably see jones (depending how he progresses of course)

He was very productive as a freshman filling in for bradford, but he grew as a passer in the next few years and was always around 65% and 30 TDs a year. Not the world beater many thought he would be, and he has struggled in high-pressure situations from time to time, but he has everything you look for in a backup. Hes young, talented, and has plenty of room to grow and be molded into the QB we need him to be. I imagine he'll take over #2 QB starting in year 2, hopefully he begins to show some skills that will make him either a valuable commodity to other teams as trade bait or as a potential heir to the throne