I have never been more disappointed in a team then i am with the pens right now.

After game 1, its like they lost their ****ing minds.

No one is keeping their feet moving, getting caught standing stagnant numerous times, they stray away from hitting anyone, they are passing too much instead of throwing the puck at the net to see what happens, no ones trying to block shots, no ones hustling to get back on defense when the isles start their rush, Fluery gives up a goal and goes into panic mode instead of shaking it off and forgetting about it like a rookie netminder, Malkin is either doing good or getting frustrated and losing his composure and doing stupid things, No emotion, No drive, No energy.

They do not deserve to win this series, and if they do manage to miraculously make it to the next round i dont see them winning the cup unless they collectively pull their heads out of their asses, and if games 2-3-4 cant make them realize this already then i guess they are more concerned with golfing then playing for lord stanleys cup.

My rant has concluded.....

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