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Brady/Belichick use every opportunity to get fired up, and I guarantee you, they will remember these words.
Let's not forget they admitted to using Smith's words for motivation when they creamed us the game after that moron ran his mouth.
Sure, it was Smith's words and not pi$$ poor play that cost us that game...

That game is a long way off, but I am already chalking it up for an "L."
And do us all a favor and root for the Pats. I hear they have a message board where you can spew your inane word vomit.

Greg Lloyd and a host of Cowher's Steelers used to trash talk. Was Cowher a POS buffoon too?

That loosey goosey Chuck Noll, the actual HEAD COACH called the Raiders (the biggest threat to us reaching the Super Bowl every year) "criminals." How did that turn out? We lost to them every season for a decade after that, right?