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So let me get this straight... Mike Tomlin is responsible for Ryan Clark answering a question he was asked (as an analyst)... But Belichick isn't responsible for one of his players publicly disrespecting another NFL headcoach and his personal life?
Be specific. Perhaps a Pat "goes off the reservation" once in a blue moon, but they are far more disciplined at saying the right things than are the Steelers. Clark, auditioning for an analyst spot or not, is NOT yet retired and should have realized that his first job is still that of a Steeler and saying this garbage was just stupid. He's been all over ESPN the last few years; he didn't need to make these comments to secure a gig there. This was just another case of the team lacking discipline in one way or another. That is now a Tomlin team Hallmark. He better get is sh-t together soon. Last year was a colossal thunder f-ck. Sloppy penalties, turn overs, dropped balls, poor locker room chemistry and what did Tomlin do about all of it? Seemingly not a f-ing thing.