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Would these be the same stories in the same city that labeled Dan Marino a coke head, Bill Cowher banging Kordell's dead sister, and Tom Barrasso banging his baby sitter?

Pittsburgh and rumors has been going on for 30 years. It's typical jealousy of the rich athlete in blue caller working Pittsburgh.
How about we let the recent Sports Illustrated cover piece serve as the last Big Ben expose we see for a while• It contained enough anecdotes to last at least through the bye week. (I'm guessing the cover shot -- a scruffy Roethlisberger pictured under the headline "The Hangover" -- won't be framed for Big Ben's man cave anytime soon.)

The story filled in the rest of the country on what a lot of us already knew: Roethlisberger often has behaved like an arrogant jerk during his six years as Steelers quarterback. That doesn't mean he committed any crimes. It just means he turned off a significant portion of the locker room and fan base, despite his mostly brilliant play.

Imagine if he were coming off a poor season.

I think it's a good thing Roethlisberger was exposed (resist punch line) over the past few months. If he isn't jarred into some form of humility by such a massive backlash -- on the heels of a second sexual assault allegation within a year -- then nothing will work.
What's amazing is that it took so long for stories of his ill-mannered ways to reach print. I never broached the matter, because I did not have on-the-record sources. A few weeks ago, I looked to see whether anything had been written on the topic from Roethlisberger's early years. I finally came across a piece in the Pittsburgh City Paper, for which local radio host Mark Madden deserves immense credit.
Madden, it seems, was the first media person to suggest Roethlisberger might not be the humble guy he seemed to be.
In a column titled "Is Ben getting too big for his britches?" that was published late in Roethlisberger's rookie year, Madden wrote of how "tales flow freely about Roethlisberger's ego growing proportionately to his accomplishments."

What sorts of tales?

Wrote Madden: "Roethlisberger snubbed the Pirates' Jason Bay, pointedly ignoring (Bay) when he came to Steelers headquarters for a Pirates-requested photo op. Chukky Okobi openly accused Roethlisberger, once a close friend, of 'big-timing' him since becoming a star. Roethlisberger berated a Steelers PR type for allowing a TV interview to run over the agreed-upon five minutes. Jerome Bettis told a reporter that the Steelers 'have some young guys who don't know what it means to be a Pittsburgh Steeler.' His eyes were fixed on Roethlisberger. All of these incidents were witnessed. None are mere rumor."

Then came a warning:

"Maybe you can't blame the kid for having a swelled cranium," Madden wrote. "He's just 22, and he's having perhaps the best season of any rookie in any sport ever. But it's the sort of thing the Steelers need to keep in check while it can still be controlled."
Whoops. That check bounced.

Five years later, credible sources are going on the record to speak of Roethlisberger's chronically appalling behavior.

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I sincerely feel like Ben has grown up and has turned his life around. That said, it does no one any good to ignore the fact that Ben has behaved like a douche in the past. I bet even Ben would admit it.