No sense in me waiting around, I say we are going to win the division THIS YEAR! Yep.........look at the schedule. It's set up for us to win 6 out of the first 7 games right out the gate!

On Offense,...with the addition of Bell, we will have a running game to grind out those games when we take a lead on someone now. Bell is the best medicine that Ben can receive in staying upright through the whole season. It's not a coincidence that the last time Ben was really healthy at the end of the year, we had a semblance of a running game.
The offensive line will come through for us this season. We can't go a fourth straight year of being completely ravaged on the O-line. The wide receiving corps will receive a boost from Wheaton and Brown and Plaxico will have a whole off-season to get comfortable and be that big red zone threat we need. Looks like the deepest WR corps we've ever had.

On Defense....we should see an uptick in the pass rush now with Woodley and Jones bringing the pain to opposing QB's. This is going to help the secondary because with the addition of Hawthorne, it will take a minute for the secondary as a unit to get comfortable but with the weak teams of the first three weeks of the season, the secondary will jell to be solid. Thomas will eventually play significantly because Troy is being phased out. Thomas is a thumper so he too will bring pain to receivers coming across the middle.

All in all, I see atleast a 10 to 11 win season. With us laying the smack on the Ratbirds atleast once, maybe twice!