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Thread: Shamarko Thomas - Outlook and expectations

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    Shamarko Thomas - Outlook and expectations

    One of my favorite players in the entire draft. I was drooling over the idea of him falling to us with our day 3 pick, they traded up to get him and man what an excellent trade to make. That was the front office making **** happen.

    So hes a bit short? In the big scheme of things whats the difference between Matt Elam and Sharmarko thomas when it comes to height? 1 inch? 5-9 isnt ideal, but when you can compensate for that with blazing speed and arm length like youre a 6-2 safety then theres no real down fall. Now i loved elam as well, but Shamarko, like elam is exactly what we need. I am willing to absolutely guarantee that Shamarko Thomas ends up a better pro than Eric Reid who went 18th overall....Eric Reid is a name, a big name from a big school....Shamarko is a player. Hes very thickly built at 215 pounds, and hes a sure tackler that has moved from LB, FS, SS, and CB. You can match him up in man or in zone, hes got the closing speed to play safety in a traditional role, and he has excellent play recognition. If you want to see his closing speed watch him run the 40 at the combine and just face plant afterwards because he was running so hard to get the best time that he possibly could.

    Thomas has several articles about how he lost both his parent his sophomore year and now is taking care of his 5 siblings, not that that is important when evaluating his game tape...but tell me thats not a recipe for someone willing to go the extra mile.

    Hes a top notch character player, he is absolutely a vicious hitter, and if he was 3 inches taller he would have been a first rounder. Hes been durable thus far, but with his size injuries are a concern, as they were with Bob Sanders and Polamalu, but thats not something to worry about right now. Right now the only thing to do is to be very excited that we not only had a player of Shamarkos caliber fall to us, but that the FO liked him enough to trade up for him. He is not the torpedoing tackler that polamalu is, hes built like polamalu but tackles like harrison (vicious, yet fundamentally sound...harrison while he got flagged a lot some justified some not so much was one of the better textbook tacklers ive ever seen play a pass rushing position) you can see him lay the boom on WRs but he sticks his nose in the run game and throws the RB to the ground. It was either his Rutgers or USC tape that he just threw the RB down like a rag doll.

    What an exciting player to get in the 3rd round....he is not tryone carter, and he is most definitely not anthony smith (who could have been great, had it all, but could never wrap his head around the game...oddly enough another syracuse product).

    Heres the article about his parents
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