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Thread: My thoughts on our Draft (Terrible)

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    I enjoyed your writing. Not sure the numbers add up (I came up with somewhere around a B- or a C+ depending on how your grading scale was--of course, I'm not the greatest at math, so I guess I could be wrong ). But overall, very nice
    Welcome to the forum! Was wondering how you came to like the Steelers over the other 31 teams?

    The main reason I gave Steelers an A despite the grades averaging B-C was because I feel the emphasis of a draft is how well you draft at the top, I felt the top 4 picks were as good as they could have been and anything from 5+ is a lottery and I don't think it can be taken into the overall grade as much as the first 3-4 picks can.

    The reason I support the Steelers is the very first post on my blog (Please go see :P) But essentially I was watching T.V late at night and came across Steelers vs Ravens , I loved the physicality the Steelers played with and this is the play I credit for making me a Steeler (This Play) And I'm Damn grateful for it.
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